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Kovai Chandra 

Kovai Chandra
Kovai Chandra


Kovai Chandra Educational and Cultural Complex

        The upcoming Kovai Chandra Educational and Cultural Complex (KCECC) is proposed to be a massive structural expanse of 60,000sq ft, fully dedicated to propagate the teachings of Lord Krishna and Vaishnava acharyas.


• Museums and Exhibit

• Kids Value Education

• Architecture

• Vedic Library

• The Temple

• Thuriya Academy

Kovai Chandra

    The Neo Dravidian style reflectingthe rich ethos of Tamil history. About 25,000 sq.ft of the space willhouse the beautiful altars of SriSriRadha Krishna and SriSriJagannath , Sri Baldeva and Subhadra Devi plus the ParikramaPaths, Kirtan Lounge, Shrine for the deity of SrilaPrabhupada..Read More

• Museums and Exhibit

Best of the class exhibits and museum adorn the grand KCEC Complex

• Kids Value Education

• The Educational centre of KCECC has one of its main focus areas as imparting values based education to the upcoming generation by highly trained teachers using innovative teaching-learning techniques.

• Vedic Library

The Vedic library would be a treasure trove for anyone who is interested to immerse himself/herself in reading about the glorious historical accounts of the past.

The library would be constructed with an eye for acoustics to give a very peaceful meditative ambience to read. The Vedic library would have a digital catalogue of all its books categorized by title, author, year of publication, etc.

• The Temple 

 Just like how the whorl of the lotus keeps all the petals together or how the invisible thread binds all the flowers in a garland, all the culturual, educational, spiritual and other functions of the KCEC are held together by the community's devotion to Sri Sri Radha Krishna. The Temple complex, which houses Their Lordships, forms the fulcrum of KCEC set up.

The temple would be home to an exquisitely made vigrahams of Sri Sri Radha Shyamasundara by the best of the sculptors. The temple would also be having the vigrahams of Sri Jagannatha Baladeva and Shubadra and Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundara. It would also house an exclusive section dedicated to the man who gifted us all these opportunities of devotion, Srila Prabhupada.

Kovai Chandra


A stunning, unique Dravidian design reflecting the rich ethos of Tamil history combined with rich state-of-the-art features. It is uniquely architectured to give positive vibrations.

Golden Brick Scheme

Garbha Griha Golden Brick Seva

    Sponsor a golden brick with your name on it to build the grand residence of Radha and Krishna and earn the instant mercy of the Lord! You can see your name on this great wall of Kovai Chandra before it gets clad with marble and stone in a special puja and homa for sanctification and purification.

Auspicious 16,108

 There are 16,108 special bricks, calculated technically by our Vasthu experts and Sthapathies, that will go into the grand Garbha Griha of Their Lordships after a special puja. You and your family could earn that credit to be placed at the sanctum for all times to come. This is the most affordable Seva for anyone and all in the whole gamut of opportunities in the Kovai Chandra Project. We thought you and your family should not miss it !!!

Here it is, book today!!!

Individual (Single brick with name) 

Rs 1,108 /-

Couple (Two brick size name)

Rs 2,108 /-

Family (Name of the family)

Rs 5,108 /-

Group (Large plaque name of the group)

Rs 10,108 /-

Unit Area Scheme 

• Just as many drops of water make a mighty ocean, this scheme allows everyone to contribute their mite to be part of this massive temple project.

• As devotees walk over each of these sponsored sq feet to have Darshan of the Lords , the donor is bestowed with uncountable spiritual and material benefits.

• Lord Siva prays to remain the hill on which devotees would climb to see the Lord.

• Uddhava desires to be born as a clump of grass which the Gopis would trample as they run to meet with Krishna !

One Sqft

Rs 6,500 /-

Two Sqft

Rs 13,000 /-

Five Sqft

Rs 32,500 /-

Ten Sqft

Rs 65,000 /-


Sri Jagannath Mandir,
Hare Krishna Land,
Civil Aerodrome Post,  Coimbatore-641014 ,
Tamil Nadu,

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Phone: 0422-2574813,12
+91 9042216108
*Guest House Not Available.

Temple Timing
4:15 AM - 5:00 AM
7:15 AM - 01:00 PM
5:00 PM - 8:30 PM