Climate Change Within

This conference conducted at CODISSIA aimed at raising the CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENTAL awareness amidst the youngsters today , who will be the future of tomorrow!

Sri Gurumurthy, editor Thuglak, unveiled an impactful fact filled awareness!

He unleashed a barrage of mind blowing data about our lifestyle, such as –

India comprises only 2% of world’s area , yet 50% is agricultural, which is a gift of God as nowhere in the world such expanse of plain land is available. We house 75% of the world’s cattle population and nearly 33% of the Bharath’s flora is not found elsewhere!

Most importantly, he highlighted the impact created by current Food Style of different nations on Environment. If Indian Food Style is followed, only 40% of total world’s Agricultural land is sufficient to cater to the whole population of the world without spoiling the environment .

Another eye opener was that, our family units of inclusiveness actually plays a major role in containing carbon footprint!

Sri Gurumurthy prodded the youngsters to take a helicopter view of the interrelation and dependency between man, environment and lifestyle! Food habits and traditional join family culture changed based on western culture increases the consumerism which drastically affects the environment. The split family increases the consumption of all materials exponentially, for instance, building materials, consumer electronics. He urged the students to understand the impact of the current life style followed in western countries and stressed the need for following Indian tradition to make the earth a safe place to live on.

His Holiness Bhakti Vinoda Swami, Trustee ISKCON  presented the view of our ancient knowledge system on the relationship among Human and Nature. Violating the laws of nature creates a harmful impact on ecology, environment, and the earth at the outset. Following Indian tradition plays a major role on the environment protection.

Ms Garvita Gulhati , climate warrior, founder ”Glasshalfull “, Sri Sarath K R folk art reviver along with Sri Gurumuthy and His Holiness Bhakti Vinoda Swami participated in a panel discussion on Climate Change moderated by Mr Vishnuram Swaminathan, Social impact consultant.

Awareness on importance of protecting environment was depicted through Cultural programmes,

Bharatanatyam by renowned dancer Pavitra Srinivasan and team, Musical performance by Vayali Bamboo Band , Malabar with instruments made out of Bamboo.