Gopal’s Camp

Gopal’s Camp was a 6 day fun filled summer camp conducted by the BV Academy, ISKCON Coimbatore. A number of children had taken part and had gained immense benifit from it. They were taught about the 12 Mahajans, which was the theme of the camp; learned real life values; basic yoga and fireless Cooking; practical bhakti yoga practices – like worshipping Thulasi, singing bhajans, and offering bhoga. Apart from these the children also enjoyed playing spiritual games, doing art and craft, and greatly relished having delicious Krishna prasadam. Finally on the last day the children could exhibit all their learnings from the camp in the form of dances, skits, songs, and talks. All the children were then given certificates by HH Bhakti Vinoda Swami Maharaj – ISKCON Sanyasi and GBC – in the end as a mark of the completion of the camp.

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