Kovai Chandra Progress Update 2023

We are writing to you with a grateful heart for your support of the Kovai Chandra project and the inspiration it gives us to continue steadfastly with this service. As one of those unique contributors and recipients of grace, your involvement is highly appreciated.

Thank You.

Here  is a progress report for your kind information:

o   90% Civil Works have been completed

o   Interior work will commence this December

o   Stapathis will complete their work on the Garba Graha next month

o   Vimana works have resumed with the stapathi

o   First batch Panels with Krishna lila pastimes have been completed and are awaiting dispatch In Krishna nagar-the world-famous artisans village in West Bengal.

o   Special Kalashams for the Dharma, Artha,Kama and Moksha halls have arrived at the campus and will be mounted by next month

o   Landscaping and road works have been finalized with the Artchitect and will commence soon.

o   Pillar cladding with marble artisans from Makharana Rajasthan has commenced.

Kovai Chandra Update I February 2021