Sudhama Seva

The Sudhama seva scheme is a simple, small, affordable commitment to contribute for the building of the Radha Krishna temple from as many as possible. Your daily contribution or Sudhama seva can be paid for a period of three years, by which time, the temple construction should be completed. Cumulative amounts can be remitted once a month or as per your convenience through one of the three seva opportunities mentioned below.

  • Friendship of Lord Krishna and His devotees.
  • Prosperity and devotion.
  • Becoming an instrument in Change for Humanity.
  • Unlimited blessings for helping to build the home of Lord Krishna!
  • Special mention in the Seva book @ the Lotus feet of Krishna
  • The Lord’s Gift Galore! You and Your family
  • Special invitation for important functions


INR 1,530


INR 3,240


INR 7,530