Vaishnav Bhojan

(Q) What is the significance of feeding a Vaishnava with Prasadam?
(Ans) Feeding a Vaishnava is an act of devotion and service that allows one to directly please the Supreme Lord. It is considered a powerful means to elevate oneself spiritually and receive the Lord's blessings.


Vaishnav Bhojan

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Feed 10 Vaishnava per day
Rs. ₹2,000
Feed 20 Vaishnava per day
Rs. ₹5,000
Feed 50 Vaishnava per day
Rs. ₹10,000
Feed 100 Vaishnava per day
Rs. ₹20,000
Feed All Vaishnava per day
Rs. ₹25,000

Any Donation for General - Vaishnav Bhojan

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