Simple Living, High Thinking

What does simple living high thinking mean?

When everyone is working in the city to produce nuts and bolts, who will produce food grains? Simple living and high thinking is the solution to economic problems. Therefore the Krishna consciousness movement in engaging devotees in producing their own food and living self-sufficiently so that rascals may see how one can live very peacefully, eat the food grains one has grown oneself, drink milk, and chant Hare Krishna.(Teachings of Queen Kunti, 18:)

So if you want to be peaceful, happy, you have to again bring in the Vedic culture, simple life and high thinking. That is wanted. If you introduce more and more anarthas only, unwanted things, how you can be happy? We have to minimize even whatever we absolutely require. . Absolutely we require ahara-nidra-bhaya-maithunam ca. It has to be curtailed. That is civilization, not that increasing. Lecture on SB 7.12.4 -- Bombay, April 15, 1976