Why is it called “Bhakti-vriksha”?

Bhakti-vriksha is a system of preaching and nurturing in which the members of a group are trained to nourish their spiritual creeper and to cultivate their service attitude in cooperation with others.

The Bhakti-vriksha Program is meant to enable everyone to practice, to grow, and to preach the process of bhakti-yoga. By practicing, the devotee will grow in Krsna consciousness. He or she should also learn how to help others in their Krsna consciousness, so that they will be able to preach to new people. The Bhakti-vriksha Program provides association and spiritual community support, and when the new devotee becomes strong he should preach. One cannot carry out Lord Caitanya’s orders without preaching.

What is a Bhakti-vriksha Group?

A Bhakti-vriksha group is a small number of congregational devotees who meet every week to practice Krsna consciousness and to plan preaching activities. In these Bhakti-vriksha groups, the devotees learn how to nourish their spiritual creeper and to cultivate their service attitude in cooperation with others. Every group member is also active in preaching and in bringing new people into the group. Upon reaching fifteen members, the group divides into two. This system keeps the groups small, thus maintaining an intimate atmosphere of personal care and nurturing, which is not possible in large groups. The members help each other under the supervision of a servant-leader and a trainee servant-leader. The trainee servant-leader is being trained and groomed to become the future group leader after the group multiplies into two. Multiplying adds life and increases preaching momentum, compelling new leaders to take initiative. When the group multiplies, the servant-leader continues to supervise one group, while the trainee servant-leader then begins to supervise the other group as a servant-leader. And both of them appoint a new trainee servant-leader.

The group is part of a greater organization of many groups, connected to the temple or to the congregational preaching directorate. The groups are supervised, and the members are guided through a systematic program of training and various extra-curricular spiritual activities.

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