Govinda's Kitchen

Govinda is one of the prominent names of Sri Krishna which means “he who gives pleasure to the senses”, and although the devotees are always eager to give pleasure to the Lord, the Lord also reciprocated by giving pleasure to his devotees. Therefore, he blesses the devotees with the delicious remnants of the foodstuffs offered to him, which is known as Prasad, and all the devotees relish these foodstuffs to their full satisfaction.

The Govinda's Restaurant offers this delicious Krishna prasad for all the visiting guests and devotees. If you would like to come with a group of people and dine at our restaurant, please make an advanced reservation with us.

    Govinda's Kitchen
  • HG Rajendra Yudhishtra Das
  • Mobile: 98946 57902
  • iskcon.coimbatore@gmail.com
  • Restaurant timings:
  • Lunch - 2 to 4 PM
  • Dinner - 6 to 9 PM